Monday, 13 April 2009

Record of the Week

Kevin Drumm; Daniel Menche: "Gauntlet"
[Editions Mego; 2007]

Beautiful noise. It's a 28 minute drone piece that puts you in a trance. start with some textural noise and a distorted guitar motif. different noisy elements drift in and out of the mix as it progresses and becomes more abstract every time. it's just really nice to put on and drift to. i always play music when i go to bed, although rarely noise music as this doesn't help me go to sleep. this didn't help me go to sleep either, but it certainly made me feel like i was dreaming, visualizing every sound behind my closed eyes. by the time it ended i was surprisingly relaxed, for some reason and drifted to sleep...
Listen to samples here: and if you like it, support the artist and label by purchasing the record.

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