Monday, 20 April 2009

Dance Mix no. 1

Here's the first installment of what will be a series of "Dance Mixes" that i post up here. It does what it says in the tin, basically. These mixes consist of me getting back from work with some new records in my bag, pouring myself a drink, and spinning said records on the er, decks (duh), to wind down from another draining day. They basically go through some techno, disco and deep-tech house grooves with bits of noise, ambient and a few classics thrown in for good measure. I do hope you enjoy these. and by the way, if you are the rightful owner of any of the recordings i post up here, and would rather not have his/her shit up on some blog for free, contact me and i will remove it with immediate effect (even though i physically distribute these records in this country). i'm not making any money off these mixes in any way, i'm just spreading the love, because i enjoy these records and would like to share them with other people who would enjoy them as well. that's the whole point. i mean, i myself am giving my own music away for free here as well. it's all about sharing good music, to me anyway. mix 1.mp3
anyway, expect more of these to come. hopefully they keep getting better with each installment. i'll also be posting a different series of mixes i do. i've called these "Trip Mosaics", and well, just look out for them in the very near future. No need to tell you what those are about now...

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