Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Peth: Golden Mile

No, this is not my record of the week by any means. I just had to comment on the incredible art work. I mean, check this shit out. Take a minute to take it all in. So we've got some bloke getting sucked off by some bird in a toilet. You can see his bum cheeks, except his bum cheeks are actually a pair of man-boobs. The fellator (is that a word?) is wearing a blouse with a raccoon smoking a spliff. This is probably the best part, i mean, who doesn't love a raccoon with a spliff. and he's wearing a bandana! Cute as fuck. I need a t-shirt like hers.
Remember that scruffy Welsh dude in Notting Hill? Yes, that dreadful movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. I actually watched that shit. Probably with my mum. Anyway that geezer is Rhys Ifans, and this is his space rock band that he and a couple of his Supper Furry mates do as a pisstake. Or at least I hope it's a pisstake, I mean the album has got a track called "69 Fanny Street".
So yeah, it's done in shockingly bad taste, and it's a bit overwhelming.

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