Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Protect Me From Love

Way back in 2005CE Kylie was still hot shit. Since then she's battled cancer and retired from the spotlight a bit. Who can blame her, she's being doing this since I was a lad.
Anyway, I wrote a song back then. I fantasized that I was writing a song for Kylie to sing. She would've done a hell of a better job than my very modest performance. And a hell of a lot sexier! That was the way I imagined it anyway.
The song is still in my catalogue, so if Kylie makes a comeback someday and I'm in the position to get it to her people maybe my dream will one day come true.
Listening to this version performed by yours truly, it's clear that I'm way out of my comfort zone, even for a time when I was still trying to find what my comfort zone was, exactly. It's the probably the poppiest thing I've ever done. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me really, but then it was never meant to be a song for me to release under my own name.
So why am I coming back to old shit I've done all of a sudden? Well, they come up on my iTunes shuffle every now and then and while I don't personally care much for those works these days, there's still something about them that may be interesting to some people. I know I had good feedback back when I did them, so it'd be a shame to just forget about them completely.
More of this embarassing shit to come, surely.

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