Thursday, 28 January 2010


Carrying on with my mission to rescue old material, I finished another one last night. This one is not meant for "Petit Morts" though. Rather, it's another one of those tracks that were nearly finished before the great hard drive disaster of 2008CE (roughly). All I had left after that were bounces of what I had up to that point. Some other tracks weren't that lucky and all files and remnants of them were lost. As I tend to write songs by means of production, a lot of these will probably just never see the light of day, unless of course one day I've got enough money to get someone to rescue the files out of the dead hard drive which is still in my possession, and if that's even possible.
But back to this one for a sec: the bounce I had to work with had pretty much all the parts recorded, but it was a rough mix. I had to take the bounce and use all sorts of editing and audio-trickery to fix it up and I'm glad to say that I am happy with the result. I have now pronounced one more old track RESCUED AND FINISHED. It is called "Portugal". The lyrics are in Spanish and they are in no way meant to offend anyone of Portuguese nationality or descent. Anyone who knows me will know that my lyrics are often nonsensical and cut up David Byrne stylee. I've never been to Portugal but I am sure it is a lovely country. The lyrics in the chorus say that "I don't want to go to Portugal." That's not true of me actually. In fact I would very much like to visit said country's lovely beaches at some point.
The song features some tape hiss that was treated to sound like the way I imagine the breeze and seagulls might sound like in Lisbon. So yeah, it's kind of a beachy, breezy song complete with synthesized string arrangements, Rhythm Ace bossa beats, found sounds and plenty more.
Hope you enjoy it.

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