Monday, 30 November 2009

Trip Mosaic 4

So... I know I said last time I made a Trip Mosaic that the next one would follow shortly. I still had that stack of records piling up and only got around to doing it last night. So here it is. This one seems to flow like a hip-hop mixtape of sorts, although I wouldn't categorise it that way at all; it's just the flow of it.
It starts off with some Mesmerizing Eye that continues with what I call the "Valerie Suite": about 10 minutes of the main theme from "Valerie and her Week of Wonders" in different variations, including the Broadcast track of the same name that they aped from the original score, interfered with bursts of Czech numbers stations.
Towards the end you get a bit of what I like to call "New Trip-Hop". That track by Blue Daisy may be what people consider to be chilled dubstep, but I just see this trend as being a modern version of what Massive Attack were doing in the early to mid 90s, although some of that old west country shizzle has aged well, I must say.
The set concludes with an obscure "Remain In Light" outtake. I can see how it didn't make it to the album proper (a classic in every sense, if you haven't got it), but it's still a hypnotic, groovy gem.
Trip Mosaic no. 4

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