Monday, 9 November 2009


My mate put me on to this magnificent track by the mighty Roxy. It's the B-Side to their 1975 club-banger "Love Is the Drug". In his own words (,kind of): "an excellent Bryan Ferry electronic composition that predates the To Rococo Rot sound we all know and love". Spot on!
While Ferry is mostly known for his quirky and clever songwriting, clearly Eno wasn't the only one into Cluster, as this track proves.
So anyway, I got this 7" off of some dude on Discogs. Why he would want to get rid of such a gem is beyond me, especially at the bargain price of £4 including postage!
My mate asked me to digitise it and upload it so that he could have it.
I've always loved Roxy, but now I'm obsessed with their singles, as the B-Sides are always quite interesting. They show an expansive, more experimental side than their album tracks or pop singles could offer, as groundbreaking as they were during their first five or six albums. Check out the exquisite B-Side to "Pyjamarama" for further proof! The B-Sides gave them a chance to go beyond what the hit-parade expected of them. This is a side to the seminal glam-pop group I wasn't well aware of until recently. Bowie who? Bolan who? Fowley who? This lot are the real deal, folks. For fuck's sake, if the "For Your Pleasure" LP isn't enough of a statement to you, then you have no business even visiting this blog... ...or just dig deeper into their B-Sides. I promise these were really made "for your pleasure", so do yourself a favour.
This one's for you Paul.

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