Friday, 11 December 2009

When Doves Cry

When I started recording solo, I had a tendency to record covers and my first two albums had about four songs written by other people which I tried to fit into the album along with my self-penned material. I thought they fit well into the loose concepts of the album, the general feel and more importantly, the running order.
When I did my third album Absolutely, it featured all original material. When I played it for one of my friends he complained that there were no covers on it. The way he saw it was that it was characteristic of my albums to have about four covers sprinkled around the original material. By this time I was having a creative streak and didn't feel like recording other people's songs and I haven't since.
I will start posting these cover versions of mine on here periodically, mainly because they won't let me put them up on myspace (yeah, blame it on them again, you say). This is because I obviously don't own the rights to these songs. But there's no harm in posting them up here so you can download them for free. It's not like I'm making any money off of them. It's not like I'm making any money from the songs I do own the rights to either...
Anyway, so this is one of them. It's "When Doves Cry" by none other than the mighty purple one. It's taken from my second album, Sky High: The Sound of Shy-Fi, which actually featured two songs by Prince. He'd always been a hero of mine and somehow I had the gull to put two of his songs on my album. Then again to give an example, Scott Walker had various Jacques Brel songs on his albums, didn't he? So I'm not alone there.
Anyway, this was recorded about five years ago and I'm not particularly proud of it, but some friends like it, so maybe some other people might.
Expect more old cover versions to pop up here in the future including my other Prince cover.
Memo butchers Prince part 1.

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