Monday, 4 May 2009

Dance Mix no. 2

So I've done a new dance mix. I need your help though. I need to think of a good name for these mixes. I've got "Trip Mosaic" for the other mixes, and a plain and generic "Dance Mix" is a bit boring. You know how any mix done by a dj is released as part of a series (ie. Fabric, Watergate, Berghain, Secret Sundaze, Back to Mine, LateNightTales, etc)? They're not just called "Villalobos' Techno Mix" are they? True, many of these are released by the club of their residency, or an established monthly party (I haven't got a residency anywhere at the moment), or in the case of Back to Mine and LateNightTales, the concept is pretty clear. Anyway, I don't want to just call them "Memo's Dance Mix no. 2". that's boring. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Get my generically titled "Dance Mix 2". It does what it says in the tin.

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