Monday, 15 March 2010

Gaze Mosaic Vol. 2

As promised, I now unleash the second and probably final installment of the Gaze Mosaic. This one's longer and I think a bit more varied. No Dean & Britta on this one, I'm afraid, but definitely a lot of "gaze" permutations: classic 'gaze, nu-gaze, metal-gaze, shitgaze, maybe even chill-gaze and no-gaze, whatever those last two may be. Also some ambient passages mingle with the likes of Jesu, Ride and hey! "Cigarette In Your Bed"! A Sunny Day In Glasgow!
So light up a big fat one up (or two, because that is TWICE as NICE) and drift off to a hypnotic, hypnagogic state: that state in which you find yourself in limbo, somewhere between waking a dreaming. You do not know whether something happening in the environment around you, or indeed if what you are feeling, hearing and seeing is real or a dream. I think that's my favourite state to be in. I cherish those moments when I go to sleep.

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