Monday, 5 October 2009

(Working On My) Levity

The other day at work I was out having a fag with one my colleagues. He asked if I was alright or something and somehow (I can't remember) we got into a conversation about levity. I said I needed to "work on levity. But how does one go about working on one's levity?", I asked him.
His response was rather surprising. He suggested that if I didn't have any plans this weekend (which I didn't), the best way to work on my levity was to spend the weekend writing a piece called "Working On My Levity". So essentially, I'd be working on "Working On My Levity".
I took this as a challenge and I promised him that by Monday I'd return with a finished piece called "Working On My Levity", a piece meant as therapy to er, work on my levity, you know, not be so serious and uptight, but a bit more cheerful, light and likeable. People don't like people that lack levity, I've come to realise.
I don't know that making this piece has helped, but I'm definitely pleased with it! It was nice setting limits to myself and giving it a deadline. It made me a bit more spontaneous, which is what excites me about making music. Sometimes I dwell too much on one idea in the hopes that I will make it better, but it is not always the case.
So here you go Duncan, my friend, this is one is for you because of you. I hope you enjoy it.

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