Monday, 4 October 2010

Spanish Pies

Paul made a mix a couple months back that featured a "schizoid mélange (mezcla perhaps?) of groovy beats, flamenco pop, adverts, latin vocal histrionics and burping." His masterful work inspired me to follow up with a sequel of sorts.
"Spanish Pies 2" is a humorous Spanish erotic mixtape. Featuring Los Hermanos Calatrava, Los Angeles Negros (Chile), Rita Lee (singing in Spanish), Susana Estrada (sexiest groove since "Je T'aime..."?) - speaking of which, there's at least two pieces to be found that make references to said seminal erotic piece of pop legend - amongst other delights. There's allusions to cars and football, in this context turned to an object of perfect physique, and the goal as orgasmic satisfaction, respectively.
Paul also designed the beautiful artwork, so extra kudos to him.
Click on the covers to download the mixes. Both in lovely 320.

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